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As part of ERW's mission to actively improve teaching and learning to secure the best outcomes for all its learners, they have decided to provide every school across the six local authorities with a full subscription to Times Tables Rock Stars. This means that every child in Powys, Ceredigion, Neath Port Talbot, Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, is able to log in and use Times Tables Rock Stars in school and at home.

Find out what these children at Ysgol Gymunedol Pontrhydfendigaid, in Ceredigion, enjoy most about Times Tables Rock Stars:

What is Times Tables Rock Stars?

Times Tables Rock Stars was developed in the classroom by secondary school maths teacher, Bruno Reddy, to engage his students in times tables practice. It is now available as web and app games, which are cleverly sequenced to ask students the questions they find most challenging, more often, as well as the original worksheet format, which is ideal for using in the classroom as a daily maths starter activity.

Children enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from answering questions and earning coins, which they use to upgrade their rock avatar. Many children thrive on the competitive element, so choose to play in a multiplayer game against their classmates or students around the world, whilst others focus on improving their rock speed and climbing the rockstar ranks, with the ultimate goal of achieving the status "Rock Hero".

Teachers appreciate being able to subgroup classes in order to set students a schedule tailored to their ability, whilst ERW schools also have the benefit of our "Sessions" and "Stats" bolt-ons, which enable you to set recurring homework assignments and to follow your students' progress online, respectively.

Getting Started

If you are a teacher at a Primary School, Secondary School or PRU in one of the six local authorities covered by ERW, you could be using Times Tables Rock Stars with your class.

If you don't think anyone at your school is using Times Tables Rock Stars, email us at [email protected] so we can get you set up with a log in. We can also help you get your students accounts set up, so you can launch it with your class as soon as possible.

If you know a teacher at your school is already using it with their class, please ask them to add you by going to My School > Teacher Accounts > Add a Teacher, so that you have your own log in details.

Once you've logged in, have a look at our Getting Started Guide Page to discover how to invite other teachers, upload your pupils and set the tables. You'll then be able to follow their progress online as they play in one of our three programme types.

Case Studies

We asked some of our best performing ERW schools the following questions, to help others get the best of Times Tables Rock Stars:

Llangynidr CP School - Powys

Years 5 and 6 in Llangynidr CP School have been using TTRS since October 2017. Here are their comments and opinions of TTRS as an educational tool and the impact it has had on their learning in the first two months.

  • How do you use TTRS?

    We do two paper tests each week in class which corresponds with our online schedule. We have our own TTRS folders where we keep records of our paper tests. This is a great idea because it is really useful to compare our current and previous scores to see if we have improved. In October and November we were taking 3 minutes to complete 60 questions on our paper tests and now the timer has been reduced to 2 minutes, so we are getting faster! We play TTRS online daily at home, playing games in the Garage and Studio to improve our response times.

  • What difference has TTRS made? Any good news stories?

    A HUGE difference - TTRS has made times tables much more enjoyable! It has made us enthusiastic and motivated to learn our multiplication facts and it has injected a lot of fun and excitement into our numeracy lessons. Our class data clearly demonstrates that all 36 pupils in Year 5/6 have made significant improvements in both the speed and accuracy of our answers. Even children who find the rapid recall of number facts difficult, have made a lot of progress. We're extremely proud to be the second fastest school in South Powys!

  • Do you do anything extra “rocky” to motivate children?

    Our teacher dressed up on launch day and always plays air guitar during paper tests! We are already planning a ‘Llangynidr Rock Wrangle’ for 2018 when we will all dress up as rockstars and have a TTRS tournament. We have a status chart in our classroom which is updated weekly and we have ‘Rock Awards’ certificates every Thursday. Certificates are given for the most improved player, most games played, most accurate answers and the most coins earned. We try to vary the awards regularly so the pupils have an increased chance of receiving recognition for their efforts. It’s a fantastic end to the week!

  • Any additional comments from the teacher?

    TTRS is an amazing programme which I would recommend to any KS2 class teacher. I am astounded by the progress my pupils have made in such a short space of time and their dedication and commitment to learning their tables has been inspirational! TTRS fever has hit Llangynidr, so much so, that even parents are asking if they can play along too!

Neyland Community School - Pembrokeshire

  • How do you use TTRS?

    We use the paper tests in Years 3-6 daily, at the start of each lesson. The children in Yrs 3-6 are encouraged to use it at home, limited hardware prevents regular use by all in school except for year 2 who use it daily on iPads.

  • What difference has TTRS made? Any good news stories?

    TTRS has made a massive difference in a range of ways-many children who, in September were getting very low scores are now regularly getting 60 or close to 60. Three children in particular in my Year 4 class who scored 0, 7 and 13 on day 1 of the paper tests and found the whole test situation quite traumatic are now regularly achieving 60 or close to it, in the 3 minutes and feeling very pleased with their efforts and achievement. It has also taught them perseverance and they can see the benefits of putting in some time and effort to practice.

  • Do you do anything extra “rocky” to motivate children?

    We have had a Battle of the Bands competition, each of our 7 classes has played each other. The highest scoring child from the winning class each time was presented with a certificate in assembly. The overall winner had one too.

  • Do you have any advice for other schools on how to get the best out of TTRS?

    When my class first started to use the paper test I spent a long time asking each child what their scores and time were, looking at their rock status and encouraging them to get one or 2 extra marks the following day or be a few seconds quicker to try to improve their rock status. They love to know which Rock Star they are. Even now, 8 months later when we are completing it and marking in around 5 minutes they still ask if I will stay "Ok, how many buskers are there here today? etc" They love the recognition of their status and say what their score was and how it has improved from the previous.

Penygloddfa CP - Powys

  • How do you use TTRS?

    We have used TTRS regularly since it was introduced to our school. It is used in class as a mental maths starter or activity, on a regular basis, using tablet or laptops. We also encourage the use of TTRS at home and held an open evening for parents to show them how they can use it with their child. Recently several of our classes took part in a 'battle' between classes, to further encourage use at home.

  • What difference has TTRS made? Any good news stories?

    Since the introduction of TTRS, with an average of 3 minutes practice per day, we have seen a significant increase in pupils' knowledge of times tables and this has been evident throughout much of their numeracy work. We're proud to be the second fastest school in the area but we're aiming for the top spot!

  • Do you do anything extra “rocky” to motivate children?

    The classes have all got made up band names to help get us in the rock spirit and at the end of each half term, we have a TTRS awards assembly where we give awards to the children with the fastest times in each class and to children who have made the most progress. This assembly takes place with a heavy metal soundtrack and air guitar is encouraged!

Llanrhidian Primary School - Swansea

Llanrhidian Primary School is one of many high-performing schools in the Swansea area. Our data shows the average rock speed for all users in Llanrhidian between March and April.

  • How do you use TTRS?

    All the classes from Reception to Year 6 have logins, although it is mainly Year 2 to Year 6 that are using it. Children have daily opportunities to play the online games throughout the day. We do not use it during maths lessons, but instead, use enhanced provision activity time to allow children to play the games and challenge themselves during these skills slots. We also ask that they play the games at home and it is a constant feature on homework sheets.

  • What difference has TTRS made? Any good news stories?

    The improvement has been amazing. Every single one of my 36 Year 5/6 children has improved their times tables recall speed and confidence. I go down to our after school club and children are in there using their free time after school to play TTRS until they get collected by their parents.

  • Do you do anything extra “rocky” to motivate children?

    Number Day dress up. It was fun and the children all dressed up. We do Rock Star assemblies where I reward different children from each class with the certificates that are available. I don't just pick the quickest times from each class, but look for most questions in a week, best percentage, biggest percentage time improvement etc. so it is varied.

  • Do you have any advice for other schools on how to get the best out of TTRS?

    To get the best out of it, you must understand it and not just give out logins and hope the children do it. You must have a vision and direction that you want it to take in your school and push that expectation and model that expectation to the children. Also, go and see schools that use it and how do they use it? Will that way work for you? If not, why not?

Carreghofa Community Primary School - Powys

Thank you to the students at Carreghofa Community Primary School, in Powys, for sending us this message, to let us know how much they're enjoying Times Tables Rock Stars:


How do I know if my school has TTRS?

How do I know if my school has TTRS?

If you are a primary school, secondary school or PRU in Powys, Ceredigion, Neath Port Talbot, Swansea, Carmarthenshire or Pembrokeshire, then you have a subscription to Times Tables Rock Stars.

If you aren't sure whether anyone at your school has already started using your subscription, email us at [email protected] We'll be able to tell you who in your school is leading the programme, if anyone, and they'll be able to add you, or we'll be able to get you set up as your school's TTRS Lead.

How do I get started with TTRS?

How do I get started with TTRS?

If another teacher at your school is already using TTRS, please ask them to invite you, by logging in and going to My School > Teacher Accounts > Add a teacher. You will then receive an email invitation containing a link for you to set your password and log in for the first time into your own account.

If no one is already using Times Tables Rock Stars at your school, email us at [email protected] and we'll be able to get you set up as your school's TTRS Lead, or let you know if anyone in your school is already using the programme.

Once you've logged in and created your Rock alter-ego, you'll need to invite other teachers, upload the pupils and set the tables. The students will then be able to play in one of the three programme types, and you'll be able to follow their progress online. When you've logged in, click here for our Getting Started Guide with video tutorials.

How can I get my school to engage with TTRS?

How can I get my school to engage with TTRS?

Every school uses Times Tables Rock Stars differently, however the schools which see the highest levels of engagement and the biggest rewards, all follow these three rules:

  • Get the whole school involved - the more pupils in the school involved in the programme, the bigger, more exciting and engaging it becomes for them. We suggest all students from Year 2 and above.
  • Have a big launch day - be inspired by the awesome case study schools above, or check out our launch assembly ideas here.
  • Reward progress - incorporate Times Tables Rock Stars into everyday school life in a way that students find exciting, by downloading our printable leaderboards and automatically generated certificates or creating a Hall of Fame wall display to recognise students' achievements.

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