Keeping your child’s account when they leave school

Download and print these instructions.

Lawrlwytho ac argraffwch y cyfarwyddiadau hyn.

Dear Parent,

Your child has enjoyed playing Times Tables Rock Stars this year and made lots of progress with their recall of times tables facts.

Since your child is leaving school, their teacher may decide to delete their account before the new school year starts. If you wish to keep their account going, you can begin a family plan and “teleport” their account over to you.

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to > Purchase > New Family Account*

You’ll be asked for up 3 children’s names. If you’re going to “teleport” a child into the family plan then you don’t need to type their names here. Only enter names of siblings whom you’re not going to teleport.

2. Once you’re all signed up and logged in, go to Parent Menu > Child Accounts and click the “Teleport Code” button.

3. Read the instructions and click ‘Generate code’.

4. Make a note of the teleport code and then log out.

The code in the image below is an example!

5. Get your child to login as themselves using their school account details.
Once logged in, go to in your browser.

6. Enter the teleport code from step 4 into the box and press Transfer.

That's it! They'll now belong to your family account.

Note that this is a permanent change and should only be done with school leavers.

If you have any difficulties with this process, please email [email protected]

* A family plan for 3 children for 12 months is £7.20. The first 50 families to sign up following this letter can get £1 off by using discount code “teleport”.


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