Data Protection and ICO Children’s Design Code Compliance Statement

To the best of our knowledge, having sought legal advice, performed several audits and followed technical recommendations, we are compliant with UK GDPR and the ICO Age Appropriate Design Code. In order to remain so, we will continually monitor changes in legislation and make amendments, should we need to, in light of these.

Your data is safe with Maths Circle Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared answers to the questions our schools and families are asking us and you can download them as a pdf by clicking this button.

The Personal Data We Hold

Typically schools, tutors and families provide us with the following information:

School Subscriptions

  • School's name and address - for the purpose of invoicing and giving the account a name.
  • Teachers' names and email addresses - so that they have an account each and so that we can contact them.
  • Pupils' names, year groups and maths classes - so that teachers can create and administer pupil accounts.

Family & Tutor Subscriptions

  • Address - for billing purposes.
  • Parents'/Tutors' names and email addresses - so that they have an account each and so that we can contact them.
  • Children's names - so that parents/tutors can create and administer child accounts.

For more anonymity, “Rock Names” can be displayed in place of real names on school leaderboards, competition results and multi-player games and teachers could even shorten names to initials or substitute them for codes. To us, real names aren't critical but you'll probably find it easier to manage accounts the more identifiable your users are to you. Pupils can opt (in the settings) to change their rock name to 'Anonymous'. This means that their scores as 'Anonymous' on any leaderboard, competition results or multi-player games to other young people. Teachers will still have access to all pupil details but this provides children with extra privacy should they want it.

Teachers can choose to save additional information on each child but this is entirely optional and is not required to use Times Tables Rock Stars. This information could include a child's date of birth, gender, ethnicity, SEN / Gifted and Talented / FSM / Pupil Premium status, whether or not they're Looked After, or details of any languages spoken at home (so that we can provide you with better impact reporting options).

ICO Children’s Code

Times Tables Rock Stars has been designed with the best interests of the child in mind, to support and encourage children to achieve better maths outcomes. Privacy settings are set high by default and all data collection is limited by default. Times Tables Rock Stars does not contain geo-location services, advertisements, in-app purchases or chat/messaging functions. We have a child friendly privacy notice to help children understand what we do with their data (see link to Privacy Notices below).

Data Protection Headlines

You have the "right to be forgotten".

You can permanently delete your data at any time. Pupil data is automatically deleted by us 90 days after a subscription or trial account expires and the school, family or tutor does not subsequently renew.

Our data is stored on secure servers in Europe.

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest and our team uses secure passwords and keys to keep your data safe.

We may have a need in the future to share your data but it would be in extremely limited scenarios and strictly in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

We promise never to sell your data.

We do not store your card details.

All credit and debit card payments are handled by Stripe.

You can opt out of receiving our newsletter emails.

However they do provide information about new features, school maths competitions and how to get the best out of the programmes.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a little piece of information handed to a web browser from a web server that contains information that can be retrieved from the server later. When you visit our Times Tables Rock Stars website the server may attach a cookie to your computer’s memory. We use cookies only to remember what language is set, which school last logged into the machine and the session cookie for knowing who is logged in. You should be able to configure your browser so that it disables cookies.

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