Times Tables Rock Stars Northern Ireland Rocks!

Northern Ireland Rocks

Does your school want to take part in our Northern Ireland Rocks competition?! Times Tables Rock Stars are running an online times tables competition for all schools in Northern Ireland from Monday 23rd May 2022 to the Wednesday 25th May 2022!

We're on a mission to find the most dedicated TTRS school, classes and pupils in Northern Ireland and, as well as certificates for the top performers, there are prizes to be won!

Only answers given between the hours of 07:30 BST to 19:30 BST each day within the Competition Period will count towards the competition. Answers given before 07:30 BST or after 19:30 BST will NOT count towards the competition. A 60-minute limit playtime per player, per day, will also apply. Those 60 minutes do not need to be played in one block - they can be spread throughout each day.

Times Tables Rock Stars Northern Ireland Rocks Competition student view.

What are the prizes?

Amazon Vouchers

Amazon Vouchers

The top 3 classes based on average score will receive an Amazon gift card.
1st place: £100 gift card
2nd place: £75 gift card
3rd place: £50 gift card

Custom certificates for all schools!

Custom Certificates

Top 3 schools
Top 3 classes in your school
Top 3 pupils in your class & school
Top 3 pupils overall
Top 3 classes overall

How do I get my class or school enrolled?

If you're already using Times Tables Rock Stars

  1. Log in and go to Tournaments > Northern Ireland Rocks.
  2. Accept the invitation for Northern Ireland Rocks and choose the classes you would like to participate.

Enroll in Northern Ireland Rocks

If your school is not yet using Times Tables Rock Stars

  1. Please sign up for a free trial.
  2. Set up classes (follow this guide).
  3. Head to Tournaments > Northern Ireland Rocks.
  4. Accept the invitation for Northern Ireland Rocks and choose the classes you would like to participate.

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In need of resources to promote the competition in school and at home?
Head over to Tournaments > Northern Ireland Rocks to access a Poster, Parent Letter text and a Presentation.

Terms and Conditions

By entering the Northern Ireland Rocks competition, it will be assumed that you have read these terms and conditions and that you accept them for and on behalf of your school.

  • This competition will run from 07:30 BST on Monday 23rd May 2022 to 19:30 BST on Wednesday 25th May 2022 (the “Competition Period”).
  • The competition is open to any school (primary, secondary or all-through schools) located in Northern Ireland only who has either an active school subscription or an active school trial to Times Tables Rock Stars on ttrockstars.com.
  • To enter your school in the competition, please login to your Times Tables Rock Stars account and head to Tournaments > Northern Ireland Rocks. Please accept the invitation and choose the Maths Classes that you would like to participate in the competition. Please note that Pastoral Classes cannot participate, only Maths Classes can participate.
  • You MUST unenroll any classes you don't want to participate BEFORE the competition starts. Once the competition starts, you cannot change which classes are enrolled or unenrolled.
  • Any correct answers given by pupils before or after the competition start and end times will not be counted. Any correct answers given by pupils beyond 60 minutes of play will not be counted. It is the first 60 minutes of play time that counts towards the competition.

  • The winners of the class competition are the ones with the highest average number of correct answers per pupil who played on Times Tables Rock Stars during the Competition Period.
  • To calculate the average, our algorithm divides by the number of pupils who take part during the Competition Period. There needs to be a minimum of 10 pupils in the class who take part. If only 1 to 9 pupils from a class play during the competition, or there are fewer than 10 pupils in the class, then our algorithm will still divide by 10 for the purpose of the average to simulate there being 10 players in the class.
  • Similarly, to calculate the school's average, our algorithm divides by the number of pupils who take part during the Competition Period but will divide by 10 as a minimum.
  • Answers given correctly by pupils on any game mode within Times Tables Rock Stars count towards the total scores (i.e. to include questions answered in Gig, Garage, Jamming, Studio, Arena, Festival and Soundcheck game modes). This ensures that pupils of all ages and levels can take part.
  • Schools or classes deemed by Maths Circle to be taking measures that give them an unfair advantage may be removed from the competition.

For a full list of terms and conditions please click here.


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