NSPCC Number Day


On Friday 5th of December 2014, schools from around the UK participated in Number Day to raise awareness of and money for the NSPCC. Many schools took advantage of the resources and ideas available by registering on the Numbers Day website to have fun with numbers that day, while 167 schools logged on to ttrockstars.com to answer as many questions as possible from midnight to midnight.

We set a Numbers Day challenge for schools to accumulate the largest combined total of answers that day, with the reward being that we would donate to NSPCC on their behalf.


First and foremost the main winners of the day are NSPCC and the pupils taking part.

A remarkable 376,621 questions were answered that day and you can see in the table on the right that Michaela Community School, with a score of nearly 32,000, were the winners. At a rate of 1p per answer, we are delighted to have donated £319.36 to NSPCC on behalf of Michaela Community School. >

Here's a photo of them playing!

Highest Performing Rockers

Here are the top 100 rockers from Number Day! A top score from Godzilla Johnston represents an impressive level of effort...well done!

Position Rock Name School # of Answers
1.Godzilla JohnstonMichaela Community School2,989
2.Jamie JammerNew Forest Academy2,815
3.Brendon Segallde Ferrers Academy2,725
4.Ben LammWoolwich Polytechnic School for Boys2,512
5.Kate BeckettMichaela Community School2,472
6.Fats CaliforniaWoodchurch High School2,425
7.Tommy BangoBeaumont Primary School2,177
8.Cassidy NeumannMichaela Community School2,095
9.Jim JonesHonley High School1,956
10.Ronald G. HendrixNew Rickstones Academy1,786
11.Roy HandySt Peter and St Paul RC Primary, Bolton1,737
12.Mac FalconBeaumont Primary School1,713
13.Rick MansonAnglesey Primary Academy1,649
14.Brendan E. HendrixBeaumont Primary School1,594
15.Baz DylanNew Rickstones Academy1,524
16.Count SingerAnglesey Primary Academy1,499
17.Kasim GouldSt Columbas Catholic Boys School1,498
18.Stranger CarnesCape Cornwall Secondary School1,487
19.Captain StaplesMillbrook Academy1,485
20.Kate ComstockFrederick Bremer School1,365
21.D. SlighAppleton Academy1,360
22.Gibby DollarTanbridge House School1,344
23.Erol RockNew Rickstones Academy1,337
24.Monk 'Boss' MandalayCleeve Park School1,335
25.Jake PowersMichaela Community School1,313
26.Bruce SextonNew Rickstones Academy1,236
27.Dickie ReynoldsBeaumont Primary School1,236
28.Ras BowersNew Rickstones Academy1,204
29.Holly ZernayThe Elmgreen School1,197
30.Charlie BiondoWoolwich Polytechnic School for Boys1,177
31.Julez SteeleEverest Community Academy1,150
32.Jojo ThiessenMillbrook Academy1,130
33.Dustin GossardMillbrook Academy1,129
34.Christina ErnaEverest Community Academy1,103
35.Denton AgellMichaela Community School1,093
36.Tony 'Boss' MandalayCleeve Park School1,069
37.James LordRadnor House School1,035
38.Philip RichSt Peter and St Paul RC Primary, Bolton1,005
39.Zack BopperWoodchurch High School980
40.Tess RyderBradford Girls’ Grammar School971
41.Willie LyndseyMichaela Community School967
42.Emily DarkWoodchurch High School967
43.Neymar JrMichaela Community School955
44.Tomato Grubede Ferrers Academy948
45.Maximus ReberWoolwich Polytechnic School for Boys946
46.Elvis ColtonNew Forest Academy921
47.Tasmin WoodSaundersfoot Community Primary School913
48.Dickie SchneiderWoodchurch High School910
49.Stephanie KazaamWoodchurch High School900
50.Winston SmithMichaela Community School894
51.Roy NessThe Elmgreen School884
52.Cindy BaileyTanbridge House School880
53.Ella NolanEast London Science School871
54.Derek PhilipsNew Rickstones Academy852
55.Max CooperMilford Haven Junior School848
56.Fiona CaveBradford Girls’ Grammar School839
57.Ty JohnstonFrederick Bremer School825
58.Anne HunterMichaela Community School822
59.Jordan MoneyMichaela Community School821
60.Rex SearsMillbrook Academy816
61.Taylor CorrellLakers School809
62.V V StrongKirk Hallam Community Technology and Sports College796
63.Amanda PontMichaela Community School795
64.Mickey CyrusAppleton Academy779
65.Sean AsaroSt Peter and St Paul RC Primary, Bolton768
66.London MartinMichaela Community School765
67.J.J. ZevonHorninglow Primary School763
68.Smokey BenningtonLangley School753
69.Missy DarinMillbrook Academy751
70.Voodoo CherryCape Cornwall Secondary School749
71.Kate BaconWoodchurch High School743
72.Nancy LaneMichaela Community School742
73.Skye FyahEverest Community Academy740
74.Fats OndrasikHonley High School739
75.Grace KayWoodchurch High School725
76.Denny LoweryMichaela Community School724
77.Sixto BowlesWoodchurch High School714
78.Jessicka IdolMichaela Community School713
79.Jessicka GoldenBeaumont Primary School712
80.K. BayEast London Science School711
81.Jeremy BalthazarSt Andrew's School (Woking)708
82.Haley MicheleFrederick Bremer School707
83.Skye PresleyWoodchurch High School698
84.Emily The RockSarah Bonnell School696
85.Loreena FlynnNew Rickstones Academy693
86.Horace WilddogNew Rickstones Academy688
87.Jeff FalconLilian Baylis Technology School685
88.Piper LombardoWoodchurch High School679
89.Shifty BeckleyWoodchurch High School675
90.Ray HowardCirencester Deer Park School674
91.Sky ThorogoodWoodchurch High School673
92.Alex GreenLangley School668
93.Blame BerningerWoolwich Polytechnic School for Boys667
94.Carlton MansonCleeve Park School666
95.Bunny MartelWoodchurch High School664
96.V V MumfordSt Peter and St Paul RC Primary, Bolton658
97.Andrés DickinsonBrumby Junior School656
98.Bella PopeTrinity Academy Halifax653
99.Sunshine WoodsMichaela Community School651
100.Rocky NugentWoodchurch High School648

Results of Number Day 2014

Below is a count of the number of questions each participating school answered on ttrockstars.com between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 on 5th December 2014.
Position School # of Answers
1.Michaela Community School 31,936
2.Woodchurch High School 20,081
3.Tanbridge House School 18,837
4.New Rickstones Academy 16,088
5.Beaumont Primary School 15,874
6.Trinity Academy Halifax 14,728
7.Millbrook Academy 11,968
8.de Ferrers Academy 10,835
9.Frederick Bremer School 10,766
10.Honley High School 10,073
11.Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys 9,909
12.New Forest Academy 9,730
13.Lakers School 9,382
14.Cirencester Deer Park School 8,219
15.Anglesey Primary Academy 8,039
16.St Peter and St Paul RC Primary, Bolton 7,471
17.Longsands Academy 7,362
18.Everest Community Academy 7,092
19.Appleton Academy 6,920
20.Cordeaux Academy 5,368
21.Oasis Academy Brightstowe 5,108
22.Milford Haven Junior School 5,072
23.Brooke Hill Academy 4,647
24.Cleeve Park School 4,501
25.Brumby Junior School 4,168
26.St Matthias School 3,990
27.Lilian Baylis Technology School 3,853
28.St Columbas Catholic Boys School 3,701
29.Kirk Hallam Community Technology and Sports College 3,625
30.Glyn School 3,542
31.St John's Middle School AZ 3,443
32.The Gainsborough Academy 3,358
33.Stoberry Park School 3,345
34.South Nottinghamshire Academy 3,342
35.East London Science School 3,342
36.Westwood with Iford Primary School 3,325
37.The Elmgreen School 3,297
38.Cape Cornwall Secondary School 2,830
39.Felixstowe Academy 2,789
40.Harris Boys' Academy 2,768
41.Fullhurst Community College 2,626
42.Bradford Girls’ Grammar School 2,495
43.The National CofE Academy 2,413
44.Radnor House School 2,373
45.Sarah Bonnell School 2,002
46.Hamilton Community College 1,880
47.Oasis Academy Wintringham 1,798
48.Langley School 1,711
49.Foremarke Hall School 1,654
50.St James the Great Academy 1,562
51.Ormiston Forge Academy 1,531
52.Roding Valley High School 1,530
53.Prior's Field School 1,457
54.Skinners Academy 1,398
55.Saundersfoot Community Primary School 1,397
56.Bedford Free School 1,350
57.Christ Church Primary School 1,339
58.Norton St Nicholas CofE Primary School 1,314
59.St Aidan's CE High School, Harrogate 1,268
60.Tenby Junior Community School 1,242
61.The Oaks Primary School 1,220
62.Ysgol Bryn Elian 1,159
63.Brookfield Community 1,108
64.South Crosland Junior School 1,085
65.Spen Valley High School 1,024
66.Thomas Hepburn Community Academy 1,020
67.Horninglow Primary School 1,020
68.Trinity School 993
69.Hartshead J & I School 966
70.Brockworth Primary Academy 937
71.Marple Hall School 898
72.Walkden High School 878
73.Park View School 853
74.St Mary's Catholic High School 821
75.Oasis Academy Coulsdon 811
76.Edith Weston Primary School 783
77.Granby Junior School 773
78.Dixons McMillan Academy 742
79.St Andrew's School (Woking) 708
80.Alec Reed Academy 639
81.Feversham College 636
82.Sacred Heart Catholic High School 603
83.Cosheston VC School 578
84.Brinsworth Comprehensive School 552
85.Abbot Beyne School 543
86.Montgomery Primary Academy 526
87.Headlands CE J&I School 524
88.Carden Primary School 518
89.Coln House School 505
90.St Augustine's High 503
91.Fearns Community Sports College 495
92.The Radclyffe School 494
93.Christleton High School 470
94.Chessington Community College 411
95.Prendergast Community Primary School 393
96.Pudsey Grangefield School 383
97.Alcester Academy 369
98.Toynbee School 360
99.Ryde Academy 340
100.Highburton First School 336
101.Nottingham University Samworth Academy 316
102.Holy Name Catholic Primary School 311
103.Newman RC College 287
104.Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy 280
105.Birchwood Community High School 262
106.Weatherhead High School 252
107.North Liverpool Academy 248
108.Millais School 248
109.Lynn Grove High School 245
110.St Wilfrid's School 242
111.Winton Community Academy 225
112.The Forest Academy 222
113.Hartshill School 222
114.Sturtivant Home School 218
115.Bassett Green Primary School 209
116.The Grange School 207
117.Sherborne School for Girls 204
118.The Alice Smith School 196
119.Beverley High School 190
120.Clevedon School 176
121.Kingmoor Junior School 173
122.Queen Elizabeth's Academy Trust 163
123.Whitcliffe Mount Business and Enterprise College 163
124.Seahaven Academy 157
125.North Ormesby Primary Academy 142
126.St Alfege with St Peter's 133
127.Hanging Heaton CE Junior and Infant School 128
128.Cleddau Reach VC Primary School 123
129.Stackpole Church in Wales VC School 123
130.Hackney New School 121
131.Heyford Park Free School 115
132.St Peter's London Docks Primary School 99
133.The Voyager Academy 97
134.Slough and Eton School 94
135.St Michael's CE High School 94
136.St Joseph & St Teresa Catholic Primary School 85
137.Beech Hill School 81
138.Puncheston Community Primary School 80
139.Barr’s Hill School 79
140.St David's College, Llandudno 78
141.Heartlands High School 75
142.Oasis Academy Oldham 75
143.King Solomon Academy Secondary 69
144.Oakmeeds Community College 68
145.Oulder Hill Community School 68
146.John Flamsteed Community School 62
147.Saxmundham Free School 60
148.Park High School 60
149.Greensward Academy 58
150.Paulet High School 50
151.Broad Haven Primary School 48
152.ARK Tindal Primary Academy 41
153.Newington Green Primary School 39
154.British International School, Phuket 38
155.Blessed Robert Sutton School 38
156.Crowcombe & Stogumber Primary School 33
157.North Walsham Junior and Infant School 31
158.Westerings Academy 30
159.Ranelagh Primary School 29
160.Cider House School 21
161.Dixons Trinity Academy 16
162.Trentham High School 15
163.St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Batley 13
164.Ormiston Primary School 9
165.Broomwood Hall Upper School 9
166.Kettering Buccleuch Academy 8
167.Ysgol Gymunedol Croesgoch 4
Grand total 376,621


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