National Times Tables Red Carpet Weeks

18th June to 13th July 2018

National Times Tables Red Carpet Weeks are the time of year to celebrate the top TT Rockers in our schools.

During Red Carpet Weeks, pupils with the fastest recall speed get the VIP treatment and compete in a Rock Wrangle competition.

How you roll out the red carpet is up to you. It’s all about making a fuss of the fastest times tablers and different schools will do this in different ways.

You could send a taxi to collect the pupils in the morning, give them with a hero’s welcome when they arrive at school, shower them with gifts, treat them to a special lunch or snack, honour them in assembly, get teachers and classmates to do something for them or stage a grand opening of your school’s Hall of Fame.

Times Tables Rock Stars Red Carpet Week from 18th June to 13th July 2018
Times Tables Rock Stars Red Carpet Week. Who will be your Times Tables Rock Hero?

Times Tables Rock Wrangle

The Times Tables Rock Wrangle is a head to head times table off between the fastest of the fast. It is the showpiece event of Red Carpet Weeks and it’s a fantastic opportunity to finish the maths year with a buzz for the school.

Bring teachers and classmates together to watch pupils doing battle in a bid to be crowned the Times Tables Rock Hero of the year!

You’ll need to decide who competes. It could be the fastest 5 in each year group, every student with an average below 1.5 seconds, all the Times Tables Rock Heroes, or any selection criteria that works for your school.

To win the title, a competitor needs to complete a multiplication matrix with 100% accuracy in the shortest time. In other words, the first pupil to get all answers correct wins!

Turn the atmosphere up to 11 by inviting parents, having a staff rock band and giving the audience plenty of opportunities to cheer and sing!

To find out how to set up a school competition please click here.

How to participate

It's very straightforward for your school to take part in National Times Tables Red Carpet Weeks - you don't need to sign up and it's completely up to you how you celebrate your Times Tables Rockers. You will have to decide who gets the VIP treatment, how you're going to do it and when!


Download these free resources to help you.
  1. Rock fonts for posters - get your IT team to install them on your computer.
  2. Sample Wrangle Competition Grid - before printing, change the numbers in the rows and columns to avoid one of your pupils finding this one and memorising it!
  3. Permission letters - for Wrangle & taxi pick-up.
  4. Hall of Fame - print this banner on A3 paper and use it at the top of a wall display.


You might find these items useful to make the week special. Check out what the rest of our Reward Shop has to offer!


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