Sessions is a great feature which enables allows you to set a homework schedule the whole class or multiple classes. this schedule can be altered to meet the needs of individual classes.

Clever things you can do with Sessions:

  • You can set a number of games for them to play over the course of the homework period (e.g. 25 games between 3 pm Monday and 9 pm Wednesday)
  • You can specify the type of game you want them to play, e.g. Garage games. This will then lock them out of the other game modes until they've played the necessary Garage games. Once they've played the required games it will unlock the other types.
  • It will give you a results page to show you who has completed what.
  • You can get the homework to recur every day/week/month and set an end date.
  • Apply the homework to 1/some/all classes at once. So you could set homework for the whole school for the whole year in about 30 seconds!

Activate the Sessions bolt-on

The Sessions bolt-on costs 0.13 USD per day and you can order and immediately activate the Sessions bolt-on from the Subscription Details.

Sessions Bolt-on Guide

The following is a short guide to help you make the most of the Sessions Bolt-on.

Accessing The Bolt-on

Go to My Record Label > Sessions

Add a new Session

In order to add a Session you need to:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see an orange box titles “Add New Session”.
  2. Set the date of the session.
  3. Select which bands you want it to apply to.
  4. Set the number of games you want them to play and in which game mode.

Make a Session reoccur

Simply select yes to “This Session recurs” when addning a new Session.

Select wheather is reoccurs daily, weekly or monthly.

And then select the date you want it to stop reoccuring.

Find a Session

You can filter Sessions by the following dates:

  • Started after:
  • Started before:
  • Finished after:
  • Finished before:

Once you have found the session you want you can edit it if it is not expired, or view the results once it is expired.


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