Stats can be used to monitor the progression of students to see if they are improving and areas they need to work on. The stats are shown in the form of a simple table that is colour coded. The greener the colour the faster they answered the questions however the redder the colour the slower they answered the questions. With this, you can identify the area students most struggle with and therefore help them learn. If a square is grey it means there is not enough data to create a mean time meaning the student will have to play more games.

The main features of stats are;

  • View performance graphs and see what areas the children are not doing so well in and correct this by including it on the garage mode.
  • download data for analysis, you can download the stats on a regular basis and see the gradual progression of each student as the table goes from red to green.
  • Create competitive leaderboards, you can create leaderboards of the fasted time and display this is on the wall, motivating students to do well to be seen at the top of the leaderboard.

Take a look at our Stats Bolt-on Guide to discover how to use all the features of the Stats Bolt-on, including seeing how your children are getting on and creating your own custom leaderboards.


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