The Team

In The Office


Not quite in the office and not to be confused with Bruno. Bruna is the chief TTRS videographer and has made the Rock Wrangle videos for the last two years.


Bruno has an ambition to empower all maths learners with the confidence they need to succeed. He trained with Teach First, spent two years in a world-leading engineering firm and then helped to open King Solomon Academy.


Dario is our Digital Marketing Apprentice. He's the mastermind behind the merchandise, the avatar competition and our social media channels.


Joseph covers the busy [email protected] inbox in the mornings and evenings. He's a very keen sailor and has ambitions to race in the Americas Cup one day.


A creative designer who swoops in from time to time to show us how to use Adobe software and has developed several assets for us over the years.


Sarah a design background and makes all the beautiful posters, badges, postcards and certificates we offer. She leads on some cool projects and events. And her puppy has its own Instagram channel!

Tech Team


Adam, as well as being an actual rock star, is our system architecture genius and responsible for the move to Amazon Web Services. He's building a virtual reality space mission as a hobby!


A gamification expert who has built two tournament modes and a badging system for TTRS. In his spare time he's creating his own breed of strategy games.


Alex is a versatile web developer who can comfortably programme in about 10 different languages. He is patient, particularly with Bruno, and never lets a computer bug get the better of him, ever.


Cedric is a junior developer who building and refining the revamp of the site. He is very keen on exhibiting the flashy magic that programming brings. He dances as a hobby and is looking into a personal network system.


Gareth is a gifted illustrator who designs the avatar elements for TT Rock Stars that everyone loves. Gareth enjoys the outdoors and music, combining the two as a festival-goer in the summer.


The UX guru, currently working on the revamp of the main site, particularly site navigation and the data analytics front-end. He recently completed his Grade 8 in piano and sometimes heads off to New York for 3 months.


Tom was a maths teacher until recently but now he's the principal developer. In the last 12 months, he's built a research platform, integrated TTRS with 2 other websites and made the user upload process a doddle for teachers.


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