Feature Family Plan School Plan
Subscription 11.53 USD/year* 182.43 USD/year*
Number of users Two adults
Three children
Unlimited teachers
Unlimited students
Paper worksheets Not included Included
Webgames Included Included
Mobile Apps
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Included Included
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Included 70.17 USD/year*
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Included 70.17 USD/year*

* plus vat if applicable in your country (applies to EU countries...for now!)

How to Purchase


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If your child's school has already given them an account then you don't need to buy a family subscription.

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Guidance for school finance officer
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  • You had a subscription in the past.

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  • subscribe having trialled TTRS.
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  • purchase one or more bolt-ons while on a subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do we need to pay if our child has a school account?
    No you don't. Your child can login at home using the login details provided by their teacher.
  • How many children accounts can we have?
    You can have up to 2 adult accounts and 3 child accounts.
  • Can we pay for extra child accounts?
    At this point that's not possible but we're working to allow that.
  • Do you offer a free trial for families?
    We do not offer a free trial for families but if you are unhappy with your subscription during the first 30 days and we can't resolve it then you can have a full refund.
  • Does music play automatically?
    We can't stream music because of expensive royalties but you can listen to the rock music playlist we've compiled.


  • Can I pay by invoice?
    Yes - on the billing form you'll have the choice between credit card and invoice.
  • What happens if we can't pay the invoice before the trial ends?
    No problem. Please aim to pay the invoice by the due date even if that's after the trial has ended and the subscription has begun.
  • When does the subscription start?
    If you're a new customer it begins immediately. If you're on a trial or in the middle of a subscription, it will begin when your trial or current subscription ends.
  • Can I enter a purchase order number?
    Yes, if you wish but it's not mandatory. There's space on the billing form for you to enter the PO number if you opt to pay by invoice.
  • Will I have to re-upload pupils that I setup for the trial if I subscribe?
    No you won't; all user accounts remain and so your pupils and colleagues can continue as normal.
  • Are we limited to the amount of pupils we can upload?
    You can upload as many teachers and pupils as you wish.
  • Can I add a bolt-on to my subscription after purchasing?
    Yes, each bolt-on is priced at 0.19 USD per day so you will simply get charged according to the number of days you have remaining on your subscription at the time. To find out how many days that is please login and go to Account > Subscription Details.
  • Can my school subscribe even if it's not in the UK?
    Yes, of course. We have hundreds of schools around the world using our platform. Times tables, after all, are important to every maths learner no matter where you live.


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