In the very early days of TT Rock Stars, the SHINE Trust supported the scaling from 3 classes to 3000 with a grant. The grant was paid back in full once we could afford it, as a way to give back and "leave the ladder down" for the next teacher with an idea for an intervention.

BT Tech Tips

During lockdown, we worked with BT Sport and BT Tech Tips to produce some awesome 'All Stars v Rock Stars' short videos, sports and tv celebrities played TT Rock Stars against UK primary school children. Take a look!

Maths Week London

TT Rock Stars was created at a school in London back in 2010 so it's where our ancestral home is! Each year, both NumBots and TT Rock Stars support the week long event with resources and a competition, London Rocks!

Maths Week Scotland

Since 2018 we've run a national, online competition for all schools in Scotland called 'Scotland Rocks'. It coincides with Maths Week Scotland every September and it gets bigger and better each year!

Guinness World Records

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS create a new title for the fastest player on TTRS! All entries needed to submit a video of their highest score being achieved. You can find the current title holder in the 2023 annual and watch her winning attempt on YouTube by searching for "TT Rock Stars world record".

National Numeracy

National Numeracy is a charity that aimes to raise the numeracy of everyone (adults, especially) in the UK. Every year, in May, we promote National Numeracy Day and in 2022 we even got a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title together for the most number of people on a maths YouTube livestream.

Move & Learn

Long-term friends in the school space, Move & Learn specialise in getting children active while doing maths. We've collaborated in a few ways over the years, more recently on an activity for Maths Week Scotland.


NSPCC is a UK-based charity seeking to prevent cruelty to children. Since 2015, we've supported their signature school fundraising event, Number Day. Both TT Rock Stars & NumBots provide fun activities and competitions to boost the money raised by schools, topped up by our own annual donation.

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