So your Year 4s have taken part in the Autumn OUMTC and you have the results back…now what? How do you build on what your class has already achieved? How do you continue to boost their MTC scores? What if your Year 4s scored below the national average? 

Have no fear! We got you.

We’re here and we’re equipped with practical guidance, and to add some context to our practical guidance, we’ve crafted three common scenarios based on pupil results.

Before you head into our scenarios, don’t forget to check how your pupils performed in the Autumn OUMTC compared to the national average (which was 13/25) and your Local Education Authority. To do this, log in and head to the MTC Hub > School Results tab.

Identify your learners in the four possible scenarios below and implement your plan of action!


Your year 4s scored above your LEA and the national average – awesome work! Your year averages are looking nice and healthy, but there’s room for improvement!

What to do? 

21 Minutes
Continue with 21 minutes of practice per week, broken up into three minute chunks. Why 21? It’s the typical practice duration for those achieving a score of 25/25! MTC Prep Schedule

Gone Green Certificates
Keep spirits alive: check out our new Gone Green certificates! You can award these to children who turn their entire heatmap green, or simply just a particular fact they have been trying hard to master! Head to Downloads > Certificates.

For the next three scenarios, we suggest identifying those who scored lower and placing them into a pastoral class. This way you can provide extra support to the right pupils. If you’re linked to Wonde then please get in touch first to [email protected].


Your year 4s’ scores have come in just below the averages and a supercharged fluency boost is needed! How do you know? Head to Stats > your new pastoral class > Fluency tab. Scroll down to the Pupil Average per Table and move the slider to 5 or 6 seconds. You can see whether those pupils need to improve their times tables fluency.   

What to do?

Garage Time
Playing in Garage will help pupils’ recall as they are given algorithm-targeted facts. Our smart algorithm tailors the questions to each pupil’s learning pace. The result of this steady and adaptive approach is swifter progress towards excellent recall of all the facts in the selected tables. Very clever!

Fluency Slider – Stats Bolt-On Feature
For a confidence boost you can tell your pupils to track their own progress with the fluency slider. To do this, they can follow these steps: Click on Avatar > My Stats > Fluency > Watch as they can turn their heatmap from red to orange to green!


Your year 4s’ scores have come in just below the averages, but you’ve the data a Stats > your new pastoral class > Fluency tab and their fluency is fine. Good even! Turns out they are just a little rusty and need to play more!

What to do?

If you have the Sessions Bolt-On…
Use the Sessions Bolt-On to set targeted tasks for the children to complete. You can choose how many minutes they play and which game mode you want them to practise in. Perfect if you want to follow our suggested MTC schedule.

If you DON’T have the Sessions Bolt-On…
You can check how often children are playing by heading to Stats > *Class name* > Effort. Remember you’re aiming for 21 minutes a week!


Some pupils may have surprised you. They know their tables, they play regularly, and their heatmap is green…so what happened? You can head to the Autumn OUMTC results and take a look at their individual answers and check whether they made silly mistakes or even typos! Smells like test condition anxiety.

What to do?

We designed Soundcheck to replicate the MTC: 25 questions, the six-second time limit per fact, the numpad style – in fact, the OUMTC is a game of Soundcheck! So carve out some time to complete a Soundcheck each week in those test conditions – quiet, more formalised and they will feel more confident moving into the next OUMTC!

Spring OUMTC Plug!
We still have TWO OUMTCs to go until the 2024 MTC. Our Spring OUMTC will run from 15th January to 2nd February 2024. It’s not yet open for registration, but you can add it to your calendar. Hit the button below! 



That’s all for now! Time for a tea and a biscuit.☕

You’re doing a grand job, don’t forget it! Taking part in the Autumn OUMTC is material proof that you’re already one step ahead of the game. See you for the Spring OUMTC in January!

And remember we are always just one email away! 

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