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Showcase with Tricia Baugh from Safa British School after they scored in the top 10 of UAE Rocks!

After a highly successful UAE Rocks in June this year, we had the opportunity to speak to Tricia Baugh from Safa British School, Dubai. Safa took part in our Rocks tournament and scored an impressive 3,015, placing them in the top 10 schools in the whole nation. This was fairly unsurprising, given they have some TT Rock Stars whizz kids here, including Mohammed Abdelmoumin, who was one of the rock stars who competed in the Guinness World Records attempt!
Tricia provided us with some great feedback, including many creative ideas and tips to enjoy TTRS to its maximum potential!

1. Ease of Use

Tricia says:

"It’s super easy to use! So user friendly and accessible. There are lots of features that are useful when analysing data so you can see the children’s confidence and abilities increasing … but the best thing about it is that the children learn all their tables and associated facts without it being arduous. It means that children meet the Y4 expectations of 12x12 before Y4!"

We say:

On TTRS you have access to data for analysing pupil’s progression, allowing you to provide additional support where needed. Additionally, there are Bolt-Ons available for purchase. The Stats Bolt-On gives you access to graphs and leaderboards, as well as downloadable spreadsheets for a class or the whole school. The Sessions Bolt-On allows teachers to set their pupils specific times on specific days for when they can login and play. This function is usually used for setting homework or to implement events.

2. Good News Stories

Tricia says:

“There are so many good news stories! There are obviously so many children who build their confidence because they are working at their own pace … but the real success for us was the pastoral side. We created Rock Gurus - children who were so super speedy that they were flying above and beyond. These guys became 1-1 tutors for some of our less confident children which really helped to nurture the Gurus social skills. Of course we have Mohammed Abdelmoumin who was in the GBWR attempt. ”.

We say:

The ‘Rock Gurus’ initiative is the perfect way to instil confidence in both stronger and weaker students, whilst also teaching other values in relation to children working together.

3. Additional Activities

Tricia says:

“We have half termly Rock Offs where the fastest children in each year group are selected to then compete against each other in assembly. Once they win, they then become Gurus … We have teacher rock offs too and interclass competitions. We have also participated in inter school comps and the Wrangle… which Mohammed won.”

We say:

It’s always awesome to hear when schools bring TT Rock Stars to life in the classroom. The Rock Guru initiative is superb! We also happen to know that the multi-talented Tricia even turned her hand to painting a marvellous mural of Baz on the wall of her classroom (see picture). As you will be able to see - she has really captured Baz's awesomeness! There are lots of ways to incorporate TTRS into school fun, for more ideas, you could try a TTRS dress up day, changing display boards (resources available in the Downloads section), or an internal class/school competition.
If you are looking to embrace TT Rock Stars even further, we have a few resources which you can download for free. Head to ‘Downloads’ and choose from a wide variety of downloadable materials; worksheets, displays, certificates, posters, and many more!

4. Advice for Other International Schools

Tricia says:

I would say buy it, believe in it and big it up. Once the children see that it’s on the walls, you can get certificates and even rock off against teachers, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!
Children should have their own devices to really make it work well… make sure there is one person in each year group who can access the data side to set up competitions.

We say:

Tailoring TTRS to International schools has been at the forefront of our minds. Ensuring that the game encompasses all cultures and nationalities, whilst still remaining user friendly, is paramount to us at Maths Circle.

Safa British School

Dubai, UAE

“I would say buy it, believe in it and big it up. Once the children see that it’s on the walls, you can get certificates and even rock off against teachers, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!.”

Tricia Baugh - Maths Teacher

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